Dr. Mohammad Ali Nilforoushzadeh trained at Medical School of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (IUMS). He obtained his Doctorate Degree in 1990 and his specialty in Dermatology from IUMS in 1994. He has specialized in skin surgery and hair transplantation surgery in Toronto, Canada. He completed 6 months clinical attachment and training in Dermatological Plastic Surgery, Laser Surgery and Hair Restoration in Middlesbrough, UK, 2000.
He started hair transplantation surgery with standard punch in 1995. Then he shifted to mini-micro grafts and finally during the past five years, he has only used micro grafts and follicular unit hair transplantation in mega sessions (1500-3000 follicles). He upgraded his experience during training in Toronto, Canada, in 2001 and in London 2002.

About Dr.Nilforuoshzadeh

Dr. Nilforoush’s credentials include:

    • Member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
    • Member of European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
    • Member of the International Academy of Hair Transplantation Surgery
    • Member of Iranian Society of Dermatologists
    • Head of Skin Disease and Leishmaniuseis Research Center
    • Head of Skin and Stem cell Research Center
    • Assistant professor of Dermatologists Tehran University of Medical Science
    • Advisor of Vise-president for science and Technologyabou

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Jordan Clinic

Our clinic is a fully equipped ultra modern surgical center designed specifically for hair restoration surgery.

About Us

Welcome to Jordan Hair Loss Center 
Jordan Hair Loss Center is one of the first hair restoration centers in Iran.
This center is exclusively dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss and skin disorders.
Jordan Dermatologic Clinic, with the most advanced technology and instrumentation, offers the latest in medical hair restoration and hair transplantation surgery for men and women.
Dr. Nilforoushzadeh is one of the most experienced hair transplant surgeons in the world. He has done over 5000 hair transplant surgeries during his 10-year career.
The decision to have a hair transplant must be made intelligently. This depends on developing a thorough understanding of numerous issues. His online hair transplant resource teaches men and women (the potential hair transplant patients) the essentials so that they can make the right decision.

Dr- M A Nilforoushzadeh Dermatologist

    Dr- Abbas Kheirkhah Dermatologist

      Dr- Elahe Lotfi Dermatologist

        Dr- Sara Zolghadr Dermatologist

          Dr- Amir reza Hanifnia Dermatologist

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            Dr. Nilforoushzadeh personally meets with you. During the course of the consultation, he takes a medical and hair-loss history, and then carefully examines the patient’s scalp.

            Needle RF

            Fractional Radiofrequency  proven & impressive design delivers enhanced wrinkle reduction through 3-dimensional energy delivery to volumize tissue. RF energy delivered via insulated gold-coated microneedles creates precise and controllable fractionated coagulation zones within a specific layer of dermis. Adjustable depth control allows for customized and reproducible treatments of delicate areas. Fractional RF effectively lowers the risk of PIH in dark skin types and can be safely used on patients with melasma and other types of pigmented lesions.
            -Skin Tightening
            -Periorbital Wrinkles
            -Skin Reju
            -Active Inflammatory Acne
            -Enlarged Pores
            -Acne Scar
            -Excessive Sebum Secretion
            -Stretch Mark

            RF caitation

            RF caitation ,an innovative system for the treatment of localized fat: effectiveness and safety are guaranteed by the best technical and engineering solutions.
            The treatment of localized fat and cellulite is the most frequent request put forward by women and, recently (even if to a lesser extent) by men as well. Up to date there were no alternatives to surgery that were able to provide equally satisfactory results. Cavitation has been recently proposed as a non-invasive solution for this widespread problem and now the market is flooded with more or less reliable appliances. 

This is a cavitation system employing a double ultrasound which can be modulated in low frequency and which, thanks to a vacuum-based technology, allows to treat the affected area only. Its special handpiece lifts the accumulated fat targeting the action of the two ultrasound modules to that area only. The fatty tissue is lifted until it adheres to the two emitters which, also thanks to their specific inclination, perform a very deep action mainly targeting the fatty cells in the affected area thus avoiding any risk for the underlying tissues. The wide range of frequency modulation, the tablets’ power and the vacuum action of the special patented handpiece allow to carry out a safe and effective treatment that can be adjusted to suit each individual patient. The cavitation effect of the ultrasound emission causes the fatty cells to break, thus starting metabolic processes that will lead to the natural removal of the fat residues by the organism. This process can be promoted by performing a lymphatic draining massage that facilitates liquids’ removal through the lymph centres.

 This light and handy handpiece performs a pleasant massage with excellent effects on draining and lymphatic circulation reactivation. This effect is key to the absorption of the fatty tissues that have been previously treated with the ultrasound handpiece as it allows to speed up the process of residual fat removal. All this greatly helps to reduce the liver’s work that, otherwise, would become too overloaded. The ultrasound-generated heating also leads to an immediate stretching out effect on skin and tissues. This deep heating reaches the derma and subcutis causing the shrinkage and compaction of the collagen found in the derma thus forming a new, firmer collagen that further promotes skin rejuvenation. The result, besides a visible fat loss of a few centimetres, is a clear improvement in skin appearance; after treatment the tissue is toned up and more elastic. Thanks to the several preset programmes available, specific for each area to be treated, to the modulated management of low frequency, and to its specific emission geometry, the treatment with Med Contour can be performed all over the body (except for the face). 

cavitation (Med Contour) allows to work on localized fat in a safe, comfortable and long-lasting way, providing immediate and measurable results, without any pain or recovery times, by stimulating the natural process of lipids metabolism. All the treated areas show a visible volume reduction after each session and, as a result, the skin appears toned up and smoother


            Nd:YAG lasers are optically pumped using a flashtube or laser diodes. These are one of the most common types of laser, and are used for many different applications. Nd:YAG lasers typically emit light with a wavelength of 532 nm, 1064 nm. Nd:YAG lasers operate in both pulsed and continuous mode. Its High Fluence can destroy the pigment cells dispersed in dermal layer. This gives prominent effect in treating nevus of Ota and chloasma which cannot be cleared easily. This equipment reduces the exposure time of laser beam on skin, so it minimizes the damage on normal cells and makes less recovery time. Outstanding Nd:YAG laser( HELIOS II):
            -Can Improves skin tone and treats melanin(laser toning)
            -Epidermal pigmentation lesions such as Freckle/Lentigo/Cafe au lait spot
            -Soft peeling(with Carbon)
            -Tattoo removal
            -Smoothing facial wrinkles and improving elasticity

            Jordan hair loss clinic

            is a perfect dermatology and hair loss clinic, usability and latest techonology

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